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How I became a radio ham

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This is a somewhat autobiographic post, because I want to explain my way in becoming a radio ham.

Back in 2003 when I moved with my parents to the near of Koblenz, I have to visit a new school. This school had a working group dealing with electronics and amateur radio.  I started participating and one year later, after my graduation, I obtained my class 3 license (today formerly known as class E). From then I’m known under the callsign DO9PSE. I joined the local amateur radio group nearby, K28.

From 2004 to 2008 I was studying for my A-Level, which I earned at spring 2008. During this time, my activities according to amateur radio became less important to me and I returned all the equipment which I borrowed from my local amateur radio group.

Then, in 2011, I met a friend at the university and I’ve found out, that he is also a radio amateur and very encouraged at the local group in Koblenz. After a short visit in march 2011, I renewed my membership at the german amateur radio club DARC and become a member of the local group Koblenz – called K32 Mittelrhein.

I’m really thrilled of the possibilities which we have at the university. We own two rooms, one designed to be the shack of our club station and the other for discussions and meetings. The other members form a very good knowledge-base covering various field of electronics, antennas, amateur-law, working-modes and so on. For any question we have at least one specialist.

I’m very happy to be a part of this awesome group. First, with the club station I have the possibility to work on lower bands and not to have to my own equipment. Plus, the QTH is very good and enables me to work some DX-stations. Second, the activities (e.g. our SSB-Fieldday, once a year) is a perfect chance to prove the teamwork and show where weaknesses are.

To put it in a nutshell, I’m glad with my past decision to became a DARC-member again. From my point of view, K32 is a lot more better than my previous group. There are much more activities, we own a club station with free access to all the members and the people are quite open-minded.

My future plans are to obtain the german class A license to be enabled to work on bands like 20m, 40m and utilize a lot more power. In addition to this, I’m currently working on a radio amateur software called Skynet. This piece of code should help radio amateurs to manage their activities, log stations, working in digi-modes and so on. But without the clutter and visually bloated GUI which is shown by other applications. And last but not least, I’m the equipment manager of our group, so I want to keep everything organized and will optimize the structure of the equipment K32 owns, to ensure, that all systems are fully operational and work at its best. So stay tuned and keep checking the latest news related to amateur radio and Skynet 🙂

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