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Cuda by example: An Introduction to General -Purpose GPU Programming

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After several attempts to learn development of applications using NVIDIAs CUDA architecture I’ve bought a really cool book covering all the basics and stuff beyond.

After 2 chapters all fears and confusions regarding to the GPGPU are gone. The authors explain all neccessary terminology at the beginning of the book such as memory, device- and host-code, grids, block-indicies and much more. Followed by several very basic programming tutorials a good fundation is made.

For sure, this book is only an introduction, but I think it is a good one. It shows the basics, covers the process of parallelize algorithms and shows off common pitfalls according to massive parallelisation.

I bought it as the mobile version for my Amazon Kindle device and I have to say, it is pretty easy to read. The typo fits very well (except the code-listings, they are sometimes hard to read) and the authors style of writing is often very amousing.

For anyone who is searching for good introduction to NVIDIA CUDA, this book would be my personal recommendation.

Further ressources

Anyway, there are tons of additional stuff dealing with CUDA and teaching people how to develop their projects with CUDA.

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