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How to scale NewsBlur

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After Google’s announcement of shutting down it’s famous Google Reader service, a lot of people start asking what they use now for aggregating their RSS-Feeds. Also an petition has been set up to convince Google to keep their service as is.

Famous Tech-Blogs like Lifehacker and Ars Technica wrote about the alternatives on the web.

The Top 3 are the following:

According to their respective features, they all seem to be relatively mature. After that first wave of rumors NewsBlur Main-Dev Samuel Clay wrote a blog post where he mention some points about getting hit by 50,000 signups in a very short time. He also describes the problems running the site, especially scaling the application and porting it from one hoster to another and keeping paying customers happy.

As the optimistic title predicts, there will be a lot of hard work during the next three months to improve the quality of NewsBlur: Three Months to Scale NewsBlur

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