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Chrome extension Hola overwrites omnibox search behaviour

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I was a big fan of the Hola unblocker browser extension for Google Chrome. Hola uses some VPN unblocking technology, so you can access websites/webservices which are restricted by your provider, company or even media provider (so called region blocked content).

But some weeks ago they started to „hijack“ my website requests to by displaying an advertising page before they redirecting me to Google. This was okay. I thought, that I was using Hola much and wait some seconds every time it was displayed to me (which occurs 2-3 times a day).

Today Hola „started“ something new. OK, considerably it may be an side-effect of their redirecting rules. I use Google Chromes omnibox feature heavily. Everytime I entered a search term into the omnibox and hit enter, I was redirected to Google. Nothing happens. Only Google was displayed and my previously typed search term was lost. This is bullshit and harms my workflow.

My final words to Hola: Great service, works everytime, but go and fuck yourself for your damn advertising campagne!

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Student of computations visualistics. Turns math into pixels. Posts may flavored by raytracing and robotics. Backend engineer at TOMRA. Hiking if afk.

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